Shown below is the list of all applied teams for the 2022 Soccer De Mayo tournament for the age group.


Boys 2004/19U 4 - Final Acceptance Teams
Team Name Team ID Club City Coach Appl. Status    
Anahuak - Juventus FC 0442-01RB04-6079 Anahuak Alhambra Juan Castro Final Acceptance    
CYSA Premier Academy - B2004 0598-01CB04-0045 CYSA Premier Academy Coachella Ricardo Valencia Final Acceptance    
Premier SC B2004 0644-01CB04-2038 Premier SC - 01 Bakersfield Anthony Smith Final Acceptance    
Union California B2004 CS18-01RB04-0035 Soccer de Mayo Mammoth Lakes Jorge Palomares Final Acceptance    
4 Final Acceptance Teams