Shown below is the list of all applied teams for the 2022 Soccer De Mayo tournament for the age group.


Boys 2008/15U 6 - Final Acceptance Teams
Team Name Team ID Club City Coach Appl. Status    
Albion SC Central Cal SM B08 Academy 0629-01CB08-2003 Central California Aztecs Santa Maria Pablo Garcia Final Acceptance    
Cypress FC Leon B2008 CS18-01RB08-0030 Soccer de Mayo Los Angeles Jeffrey Elias Mundo Final Acceptance    
Downtown soccer club 09 n/a Downtown soccer club Los Angeles n/a Final Acceptance    
Phoenix FC - B2008 0640-01CB08-9905 Bakersfield Blades FC Bakersfield Alvaro Caceres Final Acceptance    
Premier SC B2008 Green 0644-01CB08-2032 Premier SC - 01 Bakersfield Tony Hoang Final Acceptance    
Rebels SC - IE - B2008 - A Gonzalez 0116-02RB08-7091 Rebels SC - IE Oak Hills Aaron Gonzales Final Acceptance    
6 Final Acceptance Teams

Boys 2008/15U 1 - New Teams
Team Name Team ID Club City Coach Appl. Status    
Oxnard Guerreros YA - B2007B 0760-02CB07-4004 Oxnard Guerreros YA Oxnard Alfonso Vasquez New    
1 New Teams

Boys 2008/15U 2 - Pending Incomplete Teams
Team Name Team ID Club City Coach Appl. Status    
Bakersfield Legacy Soccer Club - 0642 - B2008 0642-01CB08-0001 Bakersfield Legacy Soccer Club - 01 Bakersfield Alex Cervantes Pending Incomplete    
South Valley Surf B2008 0633-01CB08-9918 South Valley Soccer Club Bakersfield Casey Liddle Pending Incomplete    
2 Pending Incomplete Teams