Shown below is the list of all applied teams for the 2022 Soccer De Mayo tournament for the age group.


Boys 2010/13U 16 - Final Acceptance Teams
Team Name Team ID Club City Coach Appl. Status    
Albion SC Central Cal B10 Academy 0629-01CB10-2230 Central California Aztecs Bakersfield Matthew Carson Final Acceptance    
Albion SC Central Cal SM B10 Academy 0629-01CB10-2001 Central California Aztecs Santa Maria Juan Garcia Final Acceptance    
Legacy United Soccer Club - B2010 0746-01CB10-9917 Legacy United Soccer Club Paso Robles Alexander Partida-Sanchez Final Acceptance    
Legends LA B2010 CS18-01CB10-0038 Soccer de Mayo Downey Alfonso Duarte Angeles Final Acceptance    
Lightning Socc - Red B2010 0636-01CB10-0003 Lightning Soccer Club palmdale Saul Omana Final Acceptance    
Lobos FC B2010 CS18-01CB10-0015 Soccer de Mayo San Bernardino Edgar Coronado Final Acceptance    
Los Mini Lobos FC B2010 CS18-01RB10-0020 Soccer de Mayo n/a n/a Final Acceptance    
Maquina FC - 01 - B2010 0398-01CB10-1235 Maquina FC - 01 Fountain Valley Pedro Magallon Final Acceptance    
OC United FC B10 -MT 0340-01CB10-8742 Orange County United Futbol Club Santa Ana Mauro Topete-Esquivel Final Acceptance    
Oxnard P.A.L. Soccer Club - B2010 0742-01CB10-0109 Oxnard P.A.L. Soccer Club Oxnard Jovan Almanza Higuera Final Acceptance    
Oxnard Xolos Academy FC - B2010 0155-01CB10-4033 Xolos Academy FC Oxnard Martin Magana Final Acceptance    
Rebels SC - IE - B2010- A Gonzalez 0116-02RB10-7092 Rebels SC - IE Oak Hills Aaron Gonzales Final Acceptance    
South Valley Surf B2010 0633-01CB10-9952 South Valley Soccer Club Bakersfield David Huish Final Acceptance    
TFA Antelope Valley Pumas - B2010 CS18-01CB10-0014 Soccer de Mayo Palmndale Daniel Salas Final Acceptance    
TFA SCV 2010 CS18-01CB10-0028 Soccer de Mayo Santa Clarita Enrique Perez Santiago Final Acceptance    
Union Estudiantil B2010 CS18-01RB10-0052 Soccer de Mayo Oxnard Iran Ramirez Rodriguez Final Acceptance    
16 Final Acceptance Teams